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What is BIM Excellence

BIMe is a research-based method to improve the BIM competency of individuals, organizations and project teams. BIMe uses specialised online tools to compare current abilities against project/client requirements and industry benchmarks...Learn more

BIMe Corporate Services

Do you need to pre-qualify your consultants or establish the BIM capability of your project partners? BIMe Corporate Services provides the platform to assess and compare the BIM abilities of individuals, organizations and project teams....Learn more

BIMe Workshops

BIMe Workshops assist organizations to establish a comprehensive BIM performance improvement strategy. BIMe workshops include learning, benchmarking and scoping activities. Workshops are currently available in Australia and the UK...Learn more

The BIMe Initiative

The BIMe team is keen to improve industry's productivity through performance assessment and continuous improvement. We are happy to partner with not-for-profit institutions to conduct industry-wide assessment and benchmarking activities....Contact us

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