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What is BIM Excellence?

  • BIM Excellence (BIMe) is a research-based approach to assess and improve the performance of individuals, organizations and project teams
  • BIM Excellence is based on the BIM Framework, the BIMe Methodology, and is delivered through the BIMe Online Platform and BIMe Corporate Services
  • Large-scale benchmarking is conducted through the not-for-profit BIMe Initiative which includes a BIMe Community of practitioners and a BIMe Network of researchers
  • BIM Excellence includes a number of community pages including the BIM Dictionary which is released under a Creative Commons license

Who develops BIM Excellence?

How are BIMe services offered?

  • BIMe Services are mainly delivered through BIMe Affiliates, vetted service providers in a number of countries
  • Governmental units and large clients can also contact us directly for consultation and security-sensitive assessments

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