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Professional Development starts with Assessment

BIMe Individual Discovery is an online assessment that establishes a person's BIM knowledge and experience. Using an intuitive interface, individuals can assess themselves - or can be assessed by recruiters and employers - against BIM competency topics established through academic research. Once an individual's current Competency Profile has been established, it can be compared to a Target Profile representing an organizational role, a recruiter's search criteria or a project's specific requirements.

BIMe individual assessments are not memory tests and do not measure software abilities; they establish the extent of construction knowledge and depth of BIM experience across a range of technical and non-technical topics - including:

  • BIM Strategy Development
  • Collaboration and Facilitation
  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Model Management

Once the assessment is complete, the system generates a summary report (single or total scores are never used) to guide learning,recruitment and performance improvement.

A free BIMe Individual Discovery (X1 - 55 items) is available to all registered users!

If you like to learn more about individual competencies and their assessment, please read BIM ThinkSpace Episode 17. For a more detailed understanding of the research underpinning individual competency assessment, please download "An integrated approach to BIM competency assessment, acquisition and application" (Succar et. al, 2013), a peer-reviewed journal paper available through academia.edu.

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Individual Competency Maps

A BIMe Competency Map is generated at the end of each individual assessment. The map summarizes individual abilities in a visual, easy to understand way:

The above simplified competency maps describe the abilities of three individuals each with their unique distribution of knowledge and experience!

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Benefits of Individual Assessment to Employers

BIM Excellence individual assessments allow organizations to uncover the unique competencies of their staff. Through BIM Excellence Corporate Services, clients can also aggregate the competency of 10s or 1000s of their employees (or potential recruits) through dedicated online modules. Below are some of the benefits employers can expect from BIMe individual assessments:

  • Understand the individual competency and aggregate competencies of staff members
  • Identify who needs training and on what topics
  • Uncover the hidden knowledge and experiences of employees
  • Assess employment candidates
  • Match staff competency to specific roles or project requirements
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