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v0.74 | Last Updated Sep 29, 2016.

This Model Uses List represents the latest stable taxonomy with 125 Model Uses, organised under 3 Categories and 9 Series. To understand the Model Uses concept and how the Model Uses List was developed, please refer to either:

CATEGORY I: Model Uses > General Model Uses

General Model Uses are applicable across industries, information systems and knowledge domains. General MUs include the word ‘modelling’ in their name and are typically measured using granularity metrics (e.g. Level of Definition , Level of Development and Granularity Level ) at component/item level. There are currently 52 General MUs - with 100s of potential synonyms - organized as a single MU Series, General Modelling (1000-1990):

The following is a list of General Model Uses [with a few synonyms]:

Code General Model Use Synonyms
1010 Architectural Modelling Architectural Tectonics
1020 Audio-visual Systems Modelling Sound Systems Modelling; Video-network Modelling
1030 Barrier Systems Modelling Fence Modelling; Highway-barrier Modelling
1040 Brick Structures Modelling Brick Information Modelling
1050 Concrete Structures Modelling Concrete Frame Modelling
1060 Conservation Modelling Historical Site Modelling; Historical Excavation Modelling; Ancient Monument Modelling
1070 Decorative Modelling Wrought Iron Modelling; Gypsum Decorations Modelling; Sculptual Modelling; Fountain Design Modelling
1080 Display Systems Modelling Exhibition Systems Modelling
1090 Drainage Systems Modelling Flood-relief systems Modelling
1100 Ducted Systems Modelling Fresh-air Systems Modelling; Exhaust Systems Modelling; Smoke-extraction Systems Modelling
1110 Extra-terrestrial Structures Modelling Space-habitat Modelling
1120 Façade Systems Modelling Glazing Systems Modelling; Cladding Systems Modelling; Curtain Systems Modelling
1130 Fire Systems Modelling Sprinkler Systems Modelling
1140 Fitout Modelling Interiors' Modelling; Tenant Modelling
1150 Flue Systems Modelling Chimney Systems Modelling; Exhaust Systems Modelling
1160 Forensic Modelling Criminal Investigations Modelling; Crime-scene Modelling
1170 Foundations Modelling Piling-systems Modelling
1180 Fuel Systems Modelling Liquefied-gas Supply Systems Modelling; Liquid-fuel Systems Modelling; Gas-supply Systems Modelling
1190 HVAC Systems Modelling Heating Systems Modelling; Ventilation Systems Modelling; Air-conditioning Systems Modelling;
1200 Hydraulic Systems Modelling Plumbing Systems Modelling; Compressed-air Systems Modelling; Steam Systems Modelling; Sewage Systems Modelling; Black-water Systems Modelling; Grey-water Systems Modelling
1210 Information Systems Modelling Computer Systems Modelling; Communication Systems Modelling; Telecommunication Systems Modelling
1220 Infrastructure Systems Modelling Underground Systems Modelling; Supply Systems Modelling
1230 Irrigation Systems Modelling Hydrological Systems Modelling;
1240 Landscape Modelling Hardscaping; Softscaping
1250 Lighting Systems Modelling ...
1260 Marine Structures Modelling Oil Riggs Modelling
1270 Masonry Structures Modelling ...
1280 Medical Systems Modelling Oxygen-pipes Modelling; Vacuum-pipes Modelling
1290 Modular Units Modelling ...
1300 Nuclear Systems Modelling ...
1310 Parametric Modelling Object-based Modelling; Algorithmic Modelling;
1320 Power Systems Modelling Generator Systems Modelling; Low-voltage Systems Modelling; Medium-voltage Systems Modelling; High-voltage Systems Modelling; Battery Systems Modelling; Electrical Systems Modelling
1330 Refrigeration Systems Modelling ...
1340 Renovation Modelling Refurbishment Modelling; Retrofit Modelling
1350 Sanitary Systems Modelling Septic Systems Modelling
1360 Security Systems Modelling Surveillance Systems Modelling; Alarm Systems Modelling; Modelling; Listening Systems Modelling
1370 Signage Systems Modelling Visual-guidance Modelling; Exit Systems Modelling
1380 Signalling Systems Modelling
1390 Spatial Inspection Modelling Zone Modelling; Height-inspection Modelling; Clearance-space Modelling; Line-of-sight Modelling;
1400 Steel Frame Modelling Steel Structures Modelling
1410 Subterranean Spaces Modelling Tunnel Modelling; Tunnel Shaft Modelling
1420 Temporary Structures Modelling Scaffolding Systems Modelling; Fence Modelling
1430 Tensile Structures Modelling Stressed Textile Modelling
1440 Terrain Modelling Topographical Modelling; Site Modelling; Geological Modelling; Geotechnical Engineering Modelling; Open-pit Modelling
1450 Timber Structures Modelling Timber Frame Modelling; Truss Systems Modelling
1460 Traffic Modelling ...
1470 Transportation Systems Modelling Rail Systems Modelling; Road Systems Modelling
1480 Underwater Spaces Modelling Aquatic Spaces Modelling
1490 Urban Modelling City Modelling; Precinct Modelling
1500 Vertical Circulation Modelling Elevator Systems Modelling; Stair Systems Modelling; Escalator Systems Modelling; Vertical Conveyance Modelling
1510 Waste-disposal Systems Modelling Garbage Systems Modelling
1520 Wood Frame Modelling Wood Structures Modelling

CATEGORY II: Model Uses > Domain Model Uses

Domain Model Uses are industry-specific. The ones identified below are Construction Domain Model Uses (or BIM Uses for short). The naming format for each Domain Model Use is either a Noun + Adjective (or just an Adjective). There are currently 73 Domain MUs, organized in seven MU Series.

Code Mode Use Series Model Use [Synonyms not shown]
2010 Capturing and Representing 2D Documentation
2020 3D Detailing
2030 As-constructed Representation
2040 Generative Design
2050 Laser Scanning
2060 Photogrammetry
2070 Record Keeping
2080 Surveying
2090 Visual Communication
3010 Planning and Designing Conceptualization
3020 Construction Planning
3030 Demolition Planning
3040 Design Authoring
3050 Disaster Planning
3060 Lean Process Analysis
3070 Lift Planning
3080 Operations Planning
3090 Selection and Specification
3100 Space Programming
3110 Urban Planning
3120 Value Analysis
4010 Simulating and Quantifying Accessibility Analysis
4020 Acoustic Analysis
4030 Augmented Reality Simulation
4040 Clash Detection
4050 Code Checking & Validation
4060 Constructability Analysis
4070 Cost Estimation
4080 Egress and Ingress
4090 Energy Use
4100 Finite Element Analysis
4110 Fire and Smoke Simulation
4120 Lighting Analysis
4130 Quantity Take-off
4140 Reflectivity Analysis
4150 Risk and Hazard Assessment
4160 Safety Analysis
4170 Security Analysis
4180 Site Analysis
4190 Solar Analysis
4200 Spatial Analysis
4210 Structural Analysis
4220 Sustainability Analysis
4230 Thermal Analysis
4240 Virtual Reality Simulation
4250 Life Cycle Assessment (replaces Whole Life Cycle Analysis)
4260 Wind Studies
5010 Constructing and Fabricating 3D Printing
5020 Architectural Modules Prefabrication
5030 Casework Prefabrication
5040 Concrete Precasting
5050 Construction Logistics
5060 Mechanical Assemblies Prefabrication
5070 Sheet Metal Forming
5080 Site Set-outs
6010 Operating and Maintaining Asset Maintenance
6020 Asset Procurement
6030 Asset Tracking
6040 Building Inspection
6050 Handover and Commissioning
6060 Relocation Management
6070 Space Management
7010 Monitoring and Controlling Building Automation
7020 Field BIM
7030 Performance Monitoring
7040 Real-time Utilization
8010 Linking and Extending BIM/Spec Linking
8020 BIM/ERP Linking
8030 BIM/FM Integration
8040 BIM/GIS Overlapping
8050 BIM/IOT Interfacing
8060 BIM/PLM Overlapping
8070 BIM/Web-services Extension

CATEGORY III: Model Uses > Custom Model Uses

Custom Model Uses are a combination of General and Domain model uses. Custom MUs are tailored – when needed – to each project, Client/Employer or market’s specific modelling requirements. There is no fixed number of Custom MUs and are all organized under a single MU Series, Custom Modelling (9000-9990). The following are hypothetical Custom Model Uses:

  • 9XXX Modelling of a floating sculpture with a wave-powered signalling beacon
  • 9YYY Modelling security systems for a correctional facility
  • 9ZZZ Modelling ventilation systems for an astronaut staging station on the moon


Note 1:This list is released under License Type B1

Note 2: Model Uses rely on the conceptual structures of the BIM Framework, namely: the Tri-Axial Framework, Competency Framework, and BIM Ontology. For more information about these structures, please refer to this post on the BIM Framework blog

Note 3: Each Model Use is classified under one of eight BIMe Operation Competency linked to granular Assessment Items, Dictionary Items and Learning Units. For more information about competency Tiers, Sets, Topics and Items, please refer to Paper A6: An integrated approach to BIM competency acquisition, assessment and application (http://bit.ly/BIMPaperA6).

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