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Organizational Assessment

BIMe Organizational assessments include tens of customizable BIM topics covering BIM deliverables, strategies, standards, processes and protocols. The total number of topics and questions is highly customizable to suit each client's requirements. For more information about organizational assessments - both BIMe Organizational Discovery (online) and BIMe Organizational Evaluation (online + onsite), please refer to BIM Excellence Corporate Services.

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Benefits of Organizational Assessment

BIMe organizational assessments measure the BIM Capability/Maturity of all types of organizations involved in the design, construction and operation of facilities. Through online BIMe Discovery tools and online/onsite BIMe Evaluation tools and services, BIMe organizational assessments deliver a comprehensive analysis of a company’s BIM capability/maturity in the form of online results, summary charts, comparisons to industry benchmarks, and detailed analysis reports edited by industry experts. BIMe organizational assessments have many benefits; below are the top eight:

  • Generate an accurate picture of your organization’s BIM capability/maturity
  • Establish your organization’s BIM adoption readiness
  • Identify the main challenges facing your organization during BIM implementation
  • Use objective data and detailed analysis to develop a targeted BIM improvement strategy
  • Establish which organizational systems are affecting your organizational BIM productivity
  • Identify the BIM Deliverables your organization can offer to its clients and project partners
  • Identify the organizational BIM protocols and workflows which should be developed
  • Understand and improve your organization’s comparative position against industry benchmarks
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The Assessment Pyramid

BIM Excellence is a comprehensive approach to performance assessment and improvement. When assessing organizations for the purpose of BIM Excellence Certification (the most detailed assessment type), data collected take the shape of an Assessment Pyramid:

At the base of this pyramid are individual assessments which capture foundational competency (levels and distribution of skill, knowledge and experience among staff). These competency data are used to generate detailed benchmarks and aggregate competency profiles. Moving up the assessment pyramid, BIMe measures the capability/maturity of organizational systems which typically include information management practices, collaborative workflows, and administrative protocols. BIMe also captures Past Performance Information (PPIs) by assessing sample completed projects. PPIs reflect organizational expertise and help predict future performance. Finally, all captured data - representing individuals, organizational systems and PPIs - are then aggregated to generate the Organization's BIM Capability Maturity Profile.

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