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BIM Excellence Corporate Services (BIMe CS) is an innovative approach to performance assessment and improvement. BIMe Corporate Services are highly customizable to suit different types of organizations, disciplines and geographical locations.

BIMe CS clients can use standardized assessments or develop their own custom assessment campaigns. Standardized BIMe CS assessments include: individual and group/team competency (online), organizational capability/maturity (online + onsite) and project performance (onsite).

BIMe CS assessment results are provided as both online dashboards - with charts and multiple customizable metrics - and highly targeted executive reports.

BIMe CS can be used by consultants, contractors and owners to:

  • Identify their own BIM performance and compare it against industry benchmarks or previous performance results
  • Establish the competency and competency-gaps of a single individual or a large numbers of employees or recruits
  • Pre-qualify the BIM abilities of service providers prior to engagement or as part of EOI/ tender

BIMe CS is delivered through Change Agents AEC and its affiliated partners.

For more information, please download the BIMe Corporate Services brochure (PDF 2.2MB) or contact us to schedule an online/onsite presentation.