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The only tool of that kind available on the market yet. I found this tool very constructive and it will help me define the areas where I need to spend time to improve my BIM skills.

Carl Veillette Revit Teacher & Revit Specialist, Canada

BIMe provides an excellent , well researched test , not just to assess yourself, but also understand in detail the different areas of expertise that a good BIM user should look to improve upon.

Winn Gomez BIM Consultant, buildingSMART ME

The individual assessment is a very useful and thorough tool to provide a snapshot record of BIM knowledge and abilities. Used appropriately, it identifies and sets personal benchmarks for improvement. Honesty is a must.

Richard Currie BIM Manager / Senior Architect at Oldfield Knott Architects, Australia

The BIMe assessment allows us to benchmark our performance, at both individual and organisational level, against a well thought out framework of competencies and methodolgies. It allows us to measure what we do well, and what areas we need to improve.

Rodd Perey Associate Director / Group Design Technology Manager at Architectus

BIM Excellence is the first tool that delves deep into the knowledge levels and skill sets of people in a structured, coherent way. It provides a breakdown of information that lets me map this information and mine it with extraordinary flexibility. I recommend this to anyone driving internal training and to any consultant working in the BIM space.

Wesley Benn BIM Consultant (BD Group), RTC Chairman

I found BIM Excellence' assessment tool very informative and highly rewarding. I have no doubt that BIMe will become invaluable for BIM professionals who want to promote their competency to prospective employers, and for organizations to develop their staff and improve their performance.

Joe Keogh BIM Manager at SJB Architects, Australia

This tool assesses the essential capabilities of a BIM specialist. It is easy to complete and to visualize/compare the results.

Maria Barison Phd Student at Polytechnic School at USP, Brazil

A number of efforts has been made to develop frameworks for BIM maturity assessment but this tool is unique as it is very easy to use and provide useful results in minutes.

Muhammad Tariq BIM researchers at Northumbria University

The BIMe Individual Assessment on BIMexcellence.net covers a huge range of aspects of practical BIM. Just reading the questions is a win for themselves, the honest answer a second.

Uli Hartmann University of Karlsruhe KIT/BLM

A practical useful tool for BIM professionals. I highly recommend the Individual assessment for those willing to check their actual level of knowledge and skills and to find which areas you need to reinforce. I haven't seen any other tool coming this close to a standardized, non software biased, rating system.

Hernando Mogollo BIM Manager/Senior Architect at UDG United Atelier - Shanghai, China

The BIMe individual competency assessment is one of the most in depth and detailed assessment tools available in the BIM Maturity research domain. It provides an informative look at the skills and competencies required of individuals involved in BIM execution.

Brittany Giel PhD Candidate at University of Florida and fellow BIM maturity researcher

The BIMe workshop was invaluable, and I feel the global AEC/FM industry desperately needs your clarity frameworks to be able to move forward collectively as a holistic whole

David Ebbett Project Manager at The Building Intelligence Group, New Zealand