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BIM Excellence Workshops are a unique opportunity to learn how to improve the BIM competency of individuals, organizations and teams. Using online tools and workshop templates, participants will learn how to assess their own BIM knowledge and the capabilities of their respective organizations and project teams.

Key benefits from participating

A BIMe workshop is an interactive environment with significant time set aside for executive learning and group discussions. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate their own BIM competency and the competency of other team members
  • Assess organizational systems, team compatibility and project requirements
  • Use competency assessment as a base for HR planning and project resourcing
  • Have an insight into the tens of BIM topics that can be assessed and improved
  • Understand how to develop a BIM learning program within their respective organization
  • Acquire a BIMe Certificate of Participation
  • Use the BIM Excellence approach to build an online BIMe competency profile and develop a learning path

Who would benefit most from attending?

This BIMe Workshop is suitable for all those with medium to extensive experience in BIM workflows: architects, engineers, contractors, clients and project managers, especially if:

  • You hold a senior or mid-senior position in your organization
  • You’re responsible for selecting recruits or improving staff performance
  • You’re responsible for BIM implementation
  • You’re keen to learn how to improve the BIM performance of your organization
  • You’re responsible for assessing the BIM capability of project participants

If you are one of the above, then this workshop is designed specifically for you. It offers a unique opportunity to learn how to improve your own BIM knowledge and the capabilities of your organization and project team.

To download the brochure of the previous workshop, please click here (PDF 1.2MB).

Please contact us if you're interested in hosting a private BIMe workshop or a public BIMe event (free + open invitation). These workshops/events are intended to raise awareness of BIM performance issues and can be delivered for free (for academia)or at-cost (for not-for-profit organizations)depending on each workshop' host and targeted audience.